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List of full services offered below: 

Vancouver, WA Marine Surveyor Services

Draft Surveys

Attend on board vessels at commencement/completion of cargo loading/discharging activities; accurately calculate the quantity of cargo loaded/discharged by displacement surveys.

Cargo Inspections

Carry out pre-load/in-stow inspections of break bulk cargoes, various types of machinery components and oversee proper handling of the same to/from vessel. 

Cargo Hold Inspections

Pre-loading hold cleanliness inspections for bulk cargoes: grain, soybean meal, soda ash, calcined petroleum coke, bentonite clay, MOP and SOP. Hold cleanliness inspections utilizing Hi-reach equipment as per request for customer’s special shipment requirements. 

Loading Facilities and Vessel Inspections

 Inspection of loading facilities and related equipment, such as all conveyor belts, transitions, elevators, loading spout and warehouse spaces designated to carry various cargoes.

Local P & I Club

Perform various shipboard services for local maritime attorneys, such as draft surveys, sealing of hatch covers/access ways, cargo sampling, hold cleanliness disputes, cargo damage aboard ship, vessel repairs and related cost analyses, etc.

Port Captain

Assist the vessel’s Master/Crew in preparation for cargo hold cleanliness inspections for bulk cargoes. Ensure maximum cargo stem, maintain quality of cargo throughout loading. Act as liaison between shore loading facility personnel, ship’s Master and Stevedores during the loading/discharge operations.

Bunker Stem Surveys

Ensure fuel oils quantity aboard bunker barge and vessel prior to and subsequent to loading to vessel. Visually inspect fuel oils aboard bunker barge for quality prior to loading vessel. Oversee proper sampling/sealing of fuel oil samples drawn from vessel/barge manifolds and final distribution of same for laboratory-analysis.

Hull & Machinery Inspections

Hull damage and cargo Crane inspections. Railcar Inspections: Pre-load inspections carried out for the loading of various cargoes including soybean meal for Australian Shipments to ensure no whole grain and/or organic contamination present

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